Natural Hues on Eco-Body ™

Incredibly versatile commercial-grade ceramic tile for interior walls and floors, and exterior walls (even in subfreezing temperatures with proper installation).

  • 40 spectacular standard colors and 14 field tile sizes with complete trim accessories
  • Custom colors are available for special projects. Please contact our customer service department for more details
  • Available with abrasive finish for increased slip-resistance and wear resistance
  • Always produced on recycled, LEED-certified Eco-Body for environmentally-friendly projects

Color Pallete

Aegean QH41
Almond QH02
Artichoke QH12
Atlantis QH43
Azure QH44
Birch QH84 (gloss)
Black QH45
Blueberry QH46
Burgundy QH47
Burlap QH10
Carrara QH33
Valentine QH13 (gloss)
Carnation QH48 (gloss)
Saffron QH09
Cloud QH32
Daisy QH97
Dijon QH73
Ireland QH34
Fern QH80
Grape QH54
Rain QH22
Iceberg QH82
Ivory QH24
Kirsh QH14
Kiwi QH30
Lace QH83 (gloss)
Freckles QH36
Mango QH71
Midnight Blue QH57
Pepper QH35
Mushroom QH16
Orange Poppy QH95 (gloss)
Pacific QH61
Pearl White QH63
Raven QH65 (gloss)
Real Teal QH66
Spring Green QH29
Starlight QH68
Tuscany QH74
Mist QH15
3x9 Oval in QH67 Regency Blue / Natural Hues
Colors: Chocolate, Tuscany, Ivory (matte floor tile) for Natural Hues
Natural Hues 2x2 Mosaic random pattern