Versatile commercial wall tile designed to compliment our popular Natural Hues floor tile.

  • Warm, contemporary look and feel
  • Modular with all daltile Semi-Gloss/Matte series
  • 25 satin/matte colors
  • 8 standard field tile sizes with matching trim pieces
  • Custom colors available
  • G2 certified

Color Pallete

Alpine QF64
Amber QF07
Amethyst QF51
Aquarius QF61
Bermuda QF55
Bordeaux QF47
Chambray QF68
Chiffon QF06
Coal QF45
Copper QF74
Crocus QF70
Driftwood QF16
Graphite QF08
Green Apple QF30
Iris QF54
Lapis QF 46
Marine QF43
Marmalade QF71
Pecan QF50
Root Beer QF27
Sea Mist QF41
Sienna QF20
Spa Blue QF44
Tahoe QF66
Willow QF42
Festiva 4x4 in 4 different colors