“All our products are made with locally sourced materials at our state-of-the-art Spokane factory, crafted by some of the ceramic industry’s most skillful experts, offering nearly unlimited design possibilities.”

Nonna’s Restaurant

Bright colored 2x2 tiles, part of the Natural Hues on Eco-Body tile series, were dot mounted in a random pattern and installed on the fl
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Pastis Bistro

For this New York establishment, we provided 3x6 Snow White Marché tiles combined with radius bullnose and cove base trim pieces.
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White Bathroom

Trimmed out with Portfolio Molding in same color. Paris molding was used as the transition from tile to wall paint.
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DeKalb Subway Station

The rehabilitation of the Dekalb Avenue Subway Station took 17 custom colors to recreate the destroyed mosaics.
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Bathroom with 3x9 tile

3x9 tile in our translucent glaze called Toast gives the bathroom a warm feel.
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Main Market Co-op

Main Market Co-op recognizes donors by having Precision H2O waterjet etch their names in colorful Natural Hues 6x6 tiles 
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Rady's Children

Artist Kim Emerson brightened up the floors inside and outside of the Rady Children’s hospital with a fun river mosaic.
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Schillers Bar

The distressed, French, local bar feel was created with salvaged 3x6 wall tiles combined with radius bullnose and cove base trim pieces
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Manatee County Area Transit worked with the City of Bradenton, the Bradenton Downtown Development Agency and project architects and engi
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