Marché on Eco-Tile ™

stunning when paired with fine marble, stone or porcelain. Creative art tile available to order, in a full range of field tile, moldings, liners and trims, to enable the most ambitious designs

  • Standard lead time applies
  • custom colors, shapes and sizes available for projects of 300 sq ft and larger
  • Snow White Crackle has to be sealed before grouting

Color Pallete

Crystal (gloss)
Fresh Green (gloss)
Frost (gloss)
Feather (gloss)
Slate (matte)
Sahara (gloss)
Summer (gloss)
Sand (matte)
Paper (matte)
Snow White (crackle)
Powder (gloss)
Strawberry (matte)
Deep Blue (gloss)
Black (gloss)
Black (matte)
3x9 Snow White Crackle / Marché
2x8 Bevel in Savannah Green / Marché
Color: Capri Blue (gloss tint) for Marché - glazed wall tile
El Hex in Capri Blue  part of Marché line
4x8 Bevel  Metal
2x8 Bevel
3x9 Oval Tile
Marché Snow White wall tile